Vampire Diaries on Coffee

So I realize I have completely sold out to the whole teenybopper vampire trend, and I therefore must admit I have a slight obsession with the CW show Vampire Diaries (and also maybe with brooding vamp Stefan).  Anyways, in a recent episode one of the characters suggested getting “coffee for the drunk girl” which is actually a common idea – drink coffee to sober up.  This reminded me of a recent study which shows that coffee does not sober you up, and in fact it is actually worse to drink coffee in an effort to sober up.  While drinking coffee will make you mentally more alert, this provides a false sense of sobriety, making you even more at risk of getting in car accidents, etc….Moral of the story?  Don’t assume you’re okay to drive (or walk, Taylor) just because you downed a cup of joe.


One Cup At A Time

My husband is not a coffee drinker.  In fact, he’s usually one of those crazy people who lectures that coffee is unhealthy and addictive and blah blah blah…..But slowly I am chipping away at his coffee aversion, one cup at a time.  It started on the weekends – I’d make a flavored roast and he’d ask me to make him a cup (with plenty of cream and sugar of course).  And now it’s progressed to the weekdays when he swings by my office most mornings for a cup of morning blend.  Though inside I beam with delight, I say nothing; make no big deal.  If I did, he’d probably stop drinking coffee just to spite me.  And so I revel in silence, gratified that he’s converting to my beloved habit.  Maybe next I can convert him to cleaning….