Coffee Me Happy

Coffee makes me happy.  Coffee makes me so happy that whenever I’m on the verge of tears, my husband offers to buy me a Starbucks (no joke) – which may sound like no huge feat but if you ever heard him go off about the “corporate coffee scheme” then you would know what a big deal this is.  So what better way to start the morning then with a big, hot cup of happy.  There is a Starbucks in the building where I work and I can smell the lovely aroma as I walk in every morning.  So you can imagine my utter distaste with my company’s AWFUL coffee.  No – not just awful but truly appalling, and while I do love a Starbucks, it can do damage to the wallet.  So, I came back from the holidays with a new resolve – why should I be unhappy every morning because of bad coffee?  I shouldn’t – but I also shouldn’t go into financial doom from buying coffee every morning…and maybe some afternoons.  So I went to my local Target and purchased a spiffy little Black and Decker 5 cup stainless steel coffee maker for only $25 that is perfect for office use – talk about true happiness!