Coffeehouse Highlight: Legal Beans

For my first Coffeehouse Highlight, I venture out of mainstream Manhattan and into nearby Hoboken – a quick 10 minute PATH ride. Only about a 3 block walk from there, Legal Beans is close enough to the main drag to be convenient, but far enough to provide a quiet anonymity. Laid back and comfortable, this corner coffee shop is a popular brunch spot in Hoboken. Get there before 11 on Saturdays and Sundays if you don’t want to wait for a table, and in the Spring/Summer enjoy outdoor seating. The service is good and the food even better. As for the coffee – an array of choices, my favorite being the café con leche. And while you can get yours to go, I prefer to sit and enjoy mine in one of their large coffee mugs – a bonus since many coffee shops only serve in disposables. The interior decor – think hippie tapestries for curtains – lends to a mellow, laid back mood.  If you’re looking for a weekend brunch or just a good cup of joe with your morning paper, Legal Beans has the service and atmosphere you’re looking for.


New Year Coffee

So I made 2 New Year’s Resolutions this month – 1) shave my legs more often (probably TMI, but don’t judge me – 6 AM is not a good time to be holding a razor….), and 2) go to one new local coffee shop each month.  Don’t get me wrong – I do love a Starbucks and since they are on practically every street corner in NYC, they are easy to hit on the run.  But when I just want to go enjoy a cup of coffee, nothing beats a hole-in-the-wall coffeehouse.  There is definitely a different feel, an ambiance in the local shops that makes it not just about a quick cup of coffee to get you going, but about a whole social experience – the sitting and relaxing, enjoying the taste and smell.  It’s the appreciation of the atmosphere that separates a coffee drinker and a coffee lover.  Stay tuned for my first Coffeehouse Highlight!