Vampire Diaries on Coffee

So I realize I have completely sold out to the whole teenybopper vampire trend, and I therefore must admit I have a slight obsession with the CW show Vampire Diaries (and also maybe with brooding vamp Stefan).  Anyways, in a recent episode one of the characters suggested getting “coffee for the drunk girl” which is actually a common idea – drink coffee to sober up.  This reminded me of a recent study which shows that coffee does not sober you up, and in fact it is actually worse to drink coffee in an effort to sober up.  While drinking coffee will make you mentally more alert, this provides a false sense of sobriety, making you even more at risk of getting in car accidents, etc….Moral of the story?  Don’t assume you’re okay to drive (or walk, Taylor) just because you downed a cup of joe.


Coffeehouse Highlight: Legal Beans

For my first Coffeehouse Highlight, I venture out of mainstream Manhattan and into nearby Hoboken – a quick 10 minute PATH ride. Only about a 3 block walk from there, Legal Beans is close enough to the main drag to be convenient, but far enough to provide a quiet anonymity. Laid back and comfortable, this corner coffee shop is a popular brunch spot in Hoboken. Get there before 11 on Saturdays and Sundays if you don’t want to wait for a table, and in the Spring/Summer enjoy outdoor seating. The service is good and the food even better. As for the coffee – an array of choices, my favorite being the café con leche. And while you can get yours to go, I prefer to sit and enjoy mine in one of their large coffee mugs – a bonus since many coffee shops only serve in disposables. The interior decor – think hippie tapestries for curtains – lends to a mellow, laid back mood.  If you’re looking for a weekend brunch or just a good cup of joe with your morning paper, Legal Beans has the service and atmosphere you’re looking for.